Keep your engine running smoothly

Engine oil is a vital ingredient to aid the healthy running of your vehicle. The main function is to lubricate moving parts; it also cleans, inhibits corrosion, improves sealing and cools the engine by carrying heat away from moving parts.

It is important to use the right engine oil for your vehicle, using the wrong oil could cost thousands of pounds in repairs. We've gone to great lengths to make oil selection accurate and safe. Using our application guides or Comma’s Product Finder, we will take the strain out of selecting the right engine oil. We stock many brands of oils which consist of Castrol, Mobil and Comma.

And we don’t stop there, our shelves are also stocked with 2 and 4 stroke oil for mopeds and most other petrol engines.

10 good reasons for using chemical treatments:

1. Improve or restore engine performance
2. Prevent fast degradation and ageing of a system
3. Protect and lubricate parts
4. Clean systems fouled by impurities
5. Prevent fouling of engine parts
6. Stop leaks
7. Reduce exhaust gases
8. Prevent or reduce high consumption
9. Prevent seasonal problems
10. Solve bad smell problems

For experts in engine oils call Kingswood Autopart Ltd on 0117 967 1444

Oil and Lubricants
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